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Ongoing Private Reiki Sessions / Nationally


Reiki Energy Work  

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing that increases energy, reduces pain, and produces deep relaxation giving a general feeling of well-being.

It affects electrical signals within the physical body as well as the emotional and mental systems. 

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means “universal life force”.  Its healing is profound yet simple and it ALWAYS goes to exactly where it is needed. 

Reiki restores balance to your energy system, which promotes healing.

Reiki Energy has no distance boundaries, which means you do not need to be in the same room as the practitioner in order to receive its benefits.  Reiki works just as well at a distance as it does with a hands-on treatment. 

A distance Reiki treatment works great when you:

- don't have time to get to an appointment

- need assistance before/after regular business hours

- are on vacation

- prefer the comfort of your own home

- you cannot scedule an in-person session

Protocol for a Distance Reiki Session

Schedule your appointment time.  At this time you will exchange phone numbers with Bliss.

When your apointment time arrives, Bliss will call you.  You are also welcome to call her, however, please do not call BEFORE your scheduled time.

Your session will begin with a short discussion of where you would like assistance.  Bliss will then instruct you to find a quiet place to lay down and relax.  It is best if you close your eyes.  This will remove distractions and ensure deeper relaxation. 


Once Bliss finished your Reiki session, she will call you to discuss the details.

A distance Reiki session lasts approximately 75-90 minutes.


Click HERE and email bliss.wood@yahoo.com to book your session today!




Bliss Wood

Bodywork Sessions

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Reiki Level I Workshop

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Reiki II Workshop Investment

Reiki II Workshop Investment

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Reiki - 1 Session - $90

Reiki - 1 Session - $90

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