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Bliss’ yoga journey began when she was 5 years old doing downward dogs with Lilias Folan.  Every afternoon, after kindergarten in Southern California, she would run home and turn on the television to catch the last part of Lilias’ yoga show so she could “sit like a pretzel” and “growl like a lion” before Sesame Street came on.  Not having a clue as to what amazing tradition she was practicing at the time, it would be years later Bliss realized that teaching yoga was indeed, part of her dharma.  


Now, her practice consists of a blend of Ashtanga and more therapeutic forms of yoga, with a twist of Iyengar’s penchant for good posture.  While Bliss offers a variety of class styles, her favorite classes to teach incorporate the restorative and meditative styles of Ananda Yoga® and Svaroopa Yoga® woven into her own style of the restorative tradition. 

Bliss is currently registered with Yoga Alliance as e-RYT 200, receiving official certification from The Expanding Light for Ananda Yoga®. She has also studied in the Svaroopa Yoga®, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Kundalini yoga traditions.

Bliss is also an author, musician, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master.  As well as yoga, she teaches Reiki trainings throughout the country and continues to write and perform kirtan.

ChantDance – Sonic Bliss, her latest musical release, offers a fresh mix of “East meets West” with its world beat grooves and kirtan style lyrics. She has also penned the book Empowering Your Life with Yoga, published by Penguin/Alpha, and produced the acclaimed yoga instructional CD, Yoga for Deep Relaxation.

Her holistic approach to health and wellness, coupled with her diverse artistic background bring a uniquely personal experience to those who participate in her sessions, classes and workshops. 

Balance, in mind, body and spirit are essential to Bliss’ personal life and she is grateful for the opportunity to share this way of being with her students everywhere.


The History of ChantDance

ChantDance was born from a lifetime collecton of musical memories, yogic inquires, and dancing with wild abandon. Experiencing the powerful influences singing and dancing have had on my life, and illuminating their importance through my yoga practice, I believe there is a creative and healing power that eminates throughout all beings when we freely chant, sing, dance, and move.  Sound (through voice) is a healing force.  Movement is a healing force.  A combination of voice and movement is a force so magical that we are transported into healing.

Often, I would experiment with my personal yoga practice and include many different styles of music into my sequences.  When the music was rich with rhythm and percussion, my practice was more creative and inquisitive.  I even found myself either singing with the music or at the least, humming to the sounds.  When the music was more ambient and soft, I felt more graceful and fluid and often found myself sighing on my exhales.  The most curious realization came to me one afternoon however, as I powerfully stepped into Warrior Pose and let out a forceful "Hah"!  Connecting the sound of my voice to the movement of the pose created a palpable shift in me the felt something like braking an old habit!  I felt powerful and in control of my life.  It felt like I "spoke my truth" through the sound and movement of that Warrior pose.

Since that time, I have been intrigued with understanding the impact of the combination that movement and voice have on an individual. In the many years I've been teaching yoga, I have often noticed a trend in many of my classes...silence.  You might think that is reverent and respectful and I would agree with you, however, I noticed that many of my "quiet" students, even though they enjoyed the classes were hesitant to approach more challenging poses as I presented them. This brought me back to my own experiences of how silence and movement create such different outcomes than sound and movement, particularly one's own sound and the movement of their body.

I began to experiment in the classes I taught and introduced a little more sound.  I'd suggest to the class that we would "Ooo" adn "Ahh" and sigh alot and as they warmed up to the sounds eminating from their own vocal chords, new life breathed into their forms and their movements became more of a dance.  It was beautiful to witness. 

ChantDance has become a fun and inquiring experience for many.  It encourages us to move past our limitations whether they are physical, mental or emotional.  Spontaneous well being is a wonderful byproduct of this new form of yogic art!

I am proud to say there is much scientific research regarding the healing benefits of sound and movement and ChantDance is a merging of the two.

The songs of ChantDance with a blend of traditional and original sacred phrases (mantras) is a delicious companion to any yoga practice.  Let it bring out YOUR inner warrior and say "Hah"!  Click Here for ChantDance



Bliss Wood

Bodywork Sessions

Reiki Level I Workshop

Reiki Level I Workshop

Reiki Level I is a powerful healing and wellness modality.  This level attunes you to the Reiki energy so that you can treat yourself and also offer Reiki healing sessions to others. This does NOT give you the ability to transmit Reiki distance sessions.  You will learn this technique in...

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Reiki II Workshop Investment

Reiki II Workshop Investment

Reiki Level II is a powerful addition to your Reiki Level I training.  This level deepens your Reiki healing ability and offers the ability to offer focused Distance Healing treatments.  You will receive your Level II attunement, learn 3 Reiki symbols and their mantras and receive a...

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Reiki - 1 Session - $90

Reiki - 1 Session - $90

This is an "in-person" session. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means “universal life force”. Reiki healing is profound yet simple. It is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues with wonderful results such as:   boosts and improves the immune system...

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